A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape


A Bathing Ape in Japanese means a spoiled kid or youth. Like all developed countries, there are probably plenty of those in Japan. A Bathing Ape is also a clothing brand formed in 1993 by a DJ / producer called Nigo. Nigo, whilst producing hip hop records in the early 90s started screen priniting his own designs and selling them to friends and associates, before deciding to go commercial.


The company, also called Bape, design and supply their own version of urban or streetwear. They were one of the first streetwear brands to come out of the suburbs of Tokyo and have had global success. Probably most famous for the footwear but they design and manufacture everything from hoodies, T shirts to jeans. Bapes logo and most of their design ideas are based around the original Planet of The Apes movies and the brand has always been associated with the rap / hip hop music scene.


Although Bape’s trainers are probably their most known products they also produced the original ‘shark’ hoodies. The front zip goes all the way up to the top of your head, not advisable to wear one if entering a bank though ! Bape is also famous for their T shirt designs. They have a particularly clever marketing model whereby only limited numbers of each design are printed, thus making the demand for the super streetwear conscious huge.


The company currently has around 30 stores, mostly in Japan, with one in London and New York also. Nigo, being a young successful DJ / producer possibly named the company after himself, or other people who were part of that scene…….spoiled kids!


A bathing Ape