Baring it all

If you’re looking for the one trend to update your wardrobe with for 2017 then look no further. Baring all is beautiful, and thanks to the Autumn / Winter shows at both New York and London fashion weeks it’s going to be the look to end this year.  

Whether you like bare makeup or bare stomachs, there’s something for everyone to showcase their natural beauty.  

Bare Chests.

La Perla

To start the trend off, Kendall Jenner stepped out on the La Perla show catwalk in a sheer skin and beads dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe's infamous ‘Mr President’ outfit.  

Calvin Klein

Following (birthday) suit, Calvin Klein sent his models, both male and female, down the catwalk wearing plastic tops.  This bold move, by creative director Raf, shows an interesting step for Calvin Klein.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung was next with his barely there looks. Whilst other catwalk shows made less of a statement with their #freethenipple looks, Gurung made sure we were aware of his feminist statement.  In his finale Gurung sent female models braless down the catwalks with feminist quotes, slogans and statements emblazoned on their chest.  Then walking out on the catwalk himself wearing a ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ top


Bare Faces

The other big trend seen across many shows at New York and London fashion weeks is through barely there makeup. This trend has been seen for a number of years, but has made an incredible impact this year.


By desexualising the female form, and in particular displaying female chests as symbolic of natural beauty rather than objects to be desired, the fashion industry has made a big move.  De-radicalising the bare female form.