Handcrafted Antiques

Handcrafted Antiques

Hello, I am Khalid, welcome back to my blog. This article is all about my love for collectable handcrafted ornaments. I enjoy collecting a wide range of ornaments related to Indian culture. Wooden sculptures that have been hand-painted are my favourite. I especially enjoy models that depict famous Deity’s or Gods like Vishnu and Ganesha. Ornaments made from engraved brass and other materials I am also interested in.

Many of my pieces are from the 1800’s as my great grandfather handed me down many of his collection from when he was a young child. His father had also been a collector throughout his life so there were many pieces passed-on to my grandfather also.

My Collection

As well as figures of my religious Idols I also like to collect jewellery boxes, other small ornamental boxes, different kinds of jewellery made from various materials and also things that you would use around the home. This could be a spoon or chapatti bread box for instance. I really do like to collect anything from that era as they all tell an interesting story about Indian culture and traditions. I have a small collection of beautifully painted elephant sculptures as an elephant is my favourite animal and has a big part in Indian Hindu religion. That is why I also have more sculptures of Ganesha than any other Deity or God.

I have provided some picture so you can see what kind of ornaments I like to collect. I have included an elephant sculpture and a Ganesha sculpture also. I hope you enjoy them as I am very fond of my collection.


Thank you for reading. I will return for another article soon to explain what other art I enjoy.