Old Indian Coins

Old Indian Coins

Hello and welcome back to my blog. My name is Khalid. I hope you were interested in my previous post. I wanted to write this post to tell you about another collection that I have which I did not mention previously.

I like to collect old Indian coins and have many in my collection which I hope will be worth much money. I do not intend to sell my collection however as it is very important to me and many coins were passed down from my relatives much like the pieces in my other collections. I have added many pieces myself and have really enjoyed finding them so it would be difficult to sell them. I will hand them down to my children and they can decide on whether to continue collecting.



I have given an example of some of the coins in my collection:

Victoria Coin – This coin is from 1839 and is very rare so I am pleased to have it as a collector. On one side is the image of queen Victoria and on the other shows the value of the coin. There are some forgeries so you must check. The coin I have is smooth on the surface so is real. This was an interesting time in our history due to British influence.

East India Company Coin – This is from 1835 so also very rare and liked by collectors like myself. It has image of cross-flags on one side. I also have one other coin from the same year but that has only one flag. The other side of the coin shows its value which is standard with Indian coins at that time.


I hope you found my post interesting.

Thank you!