Welcome back to my blog. My last few posts have been covering some of my hobbies and interests. This post is going to be about a hobby called philately which is basically the hobby of collecting stamps. This is not a hobby that I peronally enjoy myself but my wife is very much into collecting stamps. I know friends from my times overseas who used to also have the same hobby. is where my wife spends a lot of her time, keeping up-to-date with all the latest news and exhibitions.

The reason why I thought I’d mention it is because we’ve not long got back from The Agril Koli Sanskruti Bhavan festival of stamps held in Navi Mumbai. The exhibition of stamps was actually quite interesting even if I’m not a collector myself. The stamps do tell a story of the different traditions and mark certain important landmarks in the history of Indian culture. I left my partner after an hour though as I’d had my fill of stamps and decided to roam around the local area instead.

My partner is a member of the Indian Philately Digest' where she can now easily buy, swap and sell with other members of the society. It doesn’t cost her anything to join and register.

I don’t have too much to say on the subject but it is very interesting to see other peoples hobbies. I suppose the fact that I collect old coins isn't all that different. I must say though, ornamental things and bikes are a lot more interesting than stamps from my point of view but everyone is different and that's the beauty of hobbies.

Let me know if you have any strange or unusual hobbies, it would be interesting to hear.