Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Hello this is Khalid. I really hope you enjoyed my previous articles. This post is going to be about my love for Royal Enfield motorcycles. I already mentioned that I like to collect Indian antiques and old Indian coins. Although I do not have a collection of Royal Enfield motors, I do very much enjoy them and I have owned many of them over the years.

Up until recently, it had been around 10 years since I’d owned a Royal Enfield. I decided recently that I’d like to own another one that I could drive around on a weekend when I’m not working. I managed to find a second hand one online for a good price. It wasn’t an old, old model as it was manufactured back in 2006 but it still has that classic look about it which I love about Royal Enfield. It had very few cosmetic scratches and fortunately once I’d tested it out, it started-up like a dream. The one I purchased was a black and Red 350cc Thunderbird. The site that I used had a good selection available of used bikes so is worth checking out if you’re after one as either a one off or to add to a collection. I searched for old/used second-hand Royal Enfield models which is how I came across the Thunderbird that I ended-up buying.



Sold more units than Harley Davidson in 2014

I was reading some interesting news recently about Royal Enfield which is kind of what sparked me into deciding to buy one for myself. The Royal Enfield factory based in Chennai has overtaken Harley Davidson in bike sales across India. Harley Davidson do sell their bikes at a lot higher price than Royal Enfield so maybe for some people it’s not surprising that Royal Enfield sell more bikes as they’re more affordable. It is however testament to Royal Enfield that they’re still going strong and are still a popular choice for motorcyclists even though they’re actually one of the oldest bike manufacturers in the world.

Ten years ago, Royal Enfield were just a small player in the domestic motorcycle market in India. It’s 50-year-old iron cast engine was seen as outdated and unreliable. This meant newer more reliable models of motorcycle made by Japanese companies began to become far more popular. The good news is that since then, they have begun to modernize their range of bikes and produced contemporary looking models such as the Classic, Continental GT & Thunderbird (like the one that I now own built in 2006). The upward growth over the last 10 years has finally resulted in them taking over Harley Davidson with more units sold in 2014. The now parent Company Eicher Motors wants to build a strong presence in Europe and America whilst it sees strong sales back home domestically in India. I must admit, the Thunderbird that I now own, is far better than the old models I used to drive growing-up and I can see now why they’ve become popular again back in India.

A quick look at their history

Just a quick clip of history for you explaining how Royal Enfield ended-up manufacturing in Indian. It was back in 1955 when the then Indian government were looking for a new style of bike to provide to all their service men and police officers etc. The Madras Motor Company teamed-up with Redditch based Royal Enfield to produce a fleet of motors and that’s when ‘Enfield India’ came about. If you weren’t aware, Chennai used to be formerly known as Madras.

In 1990 Enfield India merged with the Eicher Group. Enfield experienced a steady decline in demand throughout the 1990’s culminating in the Jaipur factory closing in 2002. Since then the company has seen a resurgence and the new primary manufacturing branch opened in Chennai in 2013. This really is a great story about a company who has managed to reinvent themselves and once again become a big force in the Motorcycle industry.



Where to find out more

You can check-out the Royal Enfield Website for all the latest models available in their range as well as other useful information about the brand. You can find out more about Royal Enfield’s history and up and coming projects.

OK that’s it from me, I’ve really enjoyed talking about Royal Enfield. Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and found it interesting. Maybe you can take a look at the bikes they have available and see if you like them to. Maybe you’re after a bike for yourself, if so, I can definitely recommend the newer breed of Royal Enfield. They still have the classic look but are now much more reliable. They are also far more affordable than other brands like Harley Davidson.